Monday, April 28, 2008

Are We Soup Yet?

Hmmm... semester is almost done. Where am I that I wasn't 5 months ago? I've shown at MFA-H and FotoFest as part of SWAMP; I've got two pieces hanging at ArtStorm in a show opening this Saturday. I've met the heads of Aurora Picture Show and Mitchell Center at a handful of events. I've witnessed the FotoFest Meeting Place. I've generated new work (and strangely, the most recent stuff doesn't involve photography at all.)

Suppose that's a good semester wrap-up.

Already thinking towards the future... considering what generative software can do to music and visuals. Max/MSP Jitter... Do I get a MIDI StickBass? Perhaps. Or build my own custom switches and triggers. What will it tie to the visual realm? Tethered shooting triggered by computer? Live video feeds from camcorders and webcams with filtered manipulations based on sound? Probably.

Already starting to consider an MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts. The program should be online by Fall 2009, fingers crossed...

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