Saturday, February 9, 2008

Not-so-instant any more

The New York Times posts that Polaroid is abandoning instant photography. They’re shutting down the factories, and will only have enough stock to last into 2009. Still, I’ll quickly miss the Type 55 P/N film that I’ve grown to love. Not having to muck with developing sheet film; having an ISO 25 or 50 large format B&W neg film; and being able to solarize my negs right out of the camera… This will indeed suck mightily.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Crunch #1

First round of deliverables due this week.
  • Triptych 2008_01: Mind Control Device I & II have been printed. Still working on III.
  • Did some location shooting for Mind Control Device III today. Considering doing post-processing with a borrowed Wacom tablet.
  • Identity project website coming along nicely. May not fill out the 5x5 grid entirely. OK with that.
  • Straight jacket came in the mail today. New prop for upcoming shoots. Have already contacted first model for possible work this weekend.
Writing a list of critique criteria due in a few weeks. Thinking of applying separate points for individual piece vs body of work. Singles include punctum / studium, due to the limited context of the piece, while series would apply the uniformity codes previously discussed.