Sunday, January 20, 2008

S-S-S-Saturday Ni-ight!

Went to see Ashley Maclean & Traci Mattock @ DeSantos Gallery tonight. Really enjoyed the fact that they were showing and selling the original Polaroids rather than reproductions and larger editions. Ran into Wendy Watriss and broached the subject of the photo class of 2009 having their senior show at the FotoFest building. She seemed open to the idea, but suggested I talk to her about it after FotoFest proper has finished and she has some time. I'd emailed Jennifer Ward with similar thoughts yesterday, so at least the suggestion has been made...

And now for your reading pleasure, William Labov's analysis of the parts of the anecdote:
  1. abstract: a short summary of the story, encapsulating the point of the story and alerting the listener that a narrative is about to begin.
  2. orientation: identifies the time, place, persons, and their activity or situation, occurring immediately before the first narrative clause.
  3. complicating action: a temporal sequencing between narrative clauses involving the core of the story.
  4. evaluation: interruptions in the story that reaffirm the tellability of the narrative or assess the situation, either in the form of an external commentary, or by statements embedded in the story itself.
  5. resolution: the conclusion of the narrative.
  6. coda: closes the sequences of complicating actions, completing the story such that everything has been accounted for.
from Teletheory: Grammatology in the Age of Video by Gregory Ulmer.

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